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uniquefanicons's Journal

Unique Fan Icons
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For all icon artists that dare to step out of the box
About us

uniquefanicons is a elite icon community for all artists that think outside of the box and do unique icons. By unique we don't mean simple icons with just a coloring and a light texture!

If you think that you have got what it takes, then APLLY HERE

01. To get posting access, apply HERE!

02. When posting icons, use 3 teaser icons then post the rest behind a cut, or a fake-cut. Also ONLY post fandom icons! No stock icons are allowed!

03. USE TAGS!!! If your icons are of the tv-show house, then write House as a tag etc. Also make a TAG like this "maker: YOURUSERNAME". Like this people will find your icons easier!

04. Always CREDIT! This is a must! Do not take an icon without crediting, this is stealing and not respectful!

05. Don't get angry if you get constructive criticism! Then this is not a place for you!

06. Do not bash anyone! Be friendly and treat people like yourself want to be treated!

07. DO NOT HOTLINK! This is stealing too and it's actually illegal!

08. To ensure you read the rules, enter the number 8 as a subject to your application post.

09. Have fun and enjoy all the kickass icons!

awayfr0mthesun creative_muse graphictune good_lotsicons ichallenge_xena iconictea greys_elite icon_talk good_tutorial carakahlan_ic

Apply HERE

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