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[25] Misc: Requests
[07] Movies: The Women, 500 days of Summer, The Lovely Bones, Roman Holiday
[10] Celebs: Joan Crawford, Katie McGrath, Lady Gaga, Lea Seydoux, Louis Garrel, Marilyn Monroe, Rosalind Russel, Zooey Deschannel
[13] Celeb: Emma Watson
[23] TV Show: Glee
[07] Cast: Glee
[17] TV Show: Community 101
[06] TV Show: Gossip Girl
[05] TV Show: Kings
[15] Movie: Harry Potter
[07] TV Show: Misfits
[14] TV Show: Legend of the Seeker
[16] TV Show: Skins

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Icon texture meme!

What do we love the most when we are doing icons?
What is the funniest thing to play with?
YEA icon textures!
Without them, our icons would have been boring, boring as hell! Don't you agree?

So this is a meme where you can exchange your icon textures with other memebers.
So how do we do it?

01. Post your username and then tell us that you are available for exchanging.
02. Tell us if you prefer .rar files or .zip files.
03. If you want to exchange with someone, then reply to that persons comment and say something like "I will exchange with you".
04. Then send that person a PM with your download links, and that person will probably answer you by sending you his/hers download links.

Have fun!

By doing that, just copy and paste this: